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We are a studio designed for the young and the senior, the beginner student and the advanced, the mindful being and the one just learning to be present. No matter what your age, size, goals or level, Twisted Dog Yoga has a class that will cater to your specific needs.

We truly offer ‘yoga for everyone’, with the belief that you can find wellness through movement. Our studio is warm and welcoming, bright and airy, encouraging students of all experience levels to feel comfortable in their own individual practice.

Our studio concepts are built upon our desire to bring a healthy lifestyle mindset to the families within our local community.

For some, the idea of ‘YOGA’ is intimidating. For others, the timing of existing classes just doesn’t work within their schedules. At Twisted Dog Yoga, there is no judgment. We are supportive and open. We are flexible and willing to listen to our community and build our schedule around theirs.

Twisted Dog Yoga is designed to be a welcoming space, where you can leave the outside world behind and allow yourself the opportunity to cherish YOU.

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We invite you to come visit!

Please stop by and try one of our classes. You can register ahead online or upon arrival, just be sure to give yourself some extra time.