Yoga for Everyone is our motto and we mean it! We want to encourage our community to try yoga or deepen existing practices. Whether you are looking to relax, stretch, relieve pain, gain spirituality or build strength…or perhaps to simply enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, we have a class for you!


Align and Unwind Yoga

A soul nourishing class designed to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. Asanas (postures) are held a little longer, ensuring proper alignment, and encouraging your breath to flow freely as you receive the benefits from a rejuvenating and relaxing yoga practice. Some classes will end with a short meditation. No previous yoga experience is necessary.




All Levels Yoga

This vinyasa yoga class allows slow and controlled movements while focusing on breath and sequence. This practice will have you feeling flexible and in tune with your body and mind while strengthening the muscles. All levels of yoga practitioners can find their personal challenges, as they slowly and mindfully move through this series. No previous yoga experience is necessary.




Beginner’s Yoga

This class is a great starting point for the beginner yogi. You will focus on alignment and principles of breath work. Yoga postures will be introduced through verbal description and demonstration. The class will move at a gentler pace with a basic sequencing of the poses. Students will build stamina, flexibility, as well as feel balanced and centered. No previous yoga experience is necessary.




Chair Yoga

This chair yoga series is designed for those who are looking for the benefits of yoga, but need a little assistance in their movements and balance. You will utilize a chair to help guide you through your poses, as directed by your instructor. You will progress towards increased flexibility, relaxation, strength, lowered blood pressure and heart rate.




Evening Flow

Evening Flow is an inviting class that will help you relax and unwind after a long day. You will flow to popular music with poses geared towards all levels. The poses will be broken down with plenty of instructions, props, modifications, and hands-on assists for proper alignment and ease in poses. Postures are linked using breath to create a meditative and energizing vinyasa flow. This strong emphasis on conscious breathing helps ground students to remain present. No need to feel intimidated…everyone is welcome!




Gentle Flow Yoga

This mixed levels class has something for everyone. We flow through poses at a slower pace paying specific attention to alignment and breath work. Emphasis is on building an awareness of linking breath and movement. Modifications and more advanced options are made available to help create your own unique experience. No previous yoga experience is necessary.




Injury & Limited Mobility Yoga

This is a great beginner’s yoga class and appropriate for students of all fitness levels, those working with injury or limited mobility, or students just looking for a gentler approach to yoga.  We will connect breath with gentle movement and use props to find YOUR version of each yoga pose to build strength, improve balance, and increase flexibility.




Mixxed Fit Dance and Toning

Mixxed Fit is a people inspired dance fitness program that combines explosive dance movements with body weight toning. All genres of music are used with lyrics typically in English, our moves are repetitive, fun, easy to follow and effective in achieving a full body toning experience. The program is open to all fitness levels and no equipment is needed.




Moderate Vinyasa Yoga

This one hour yoga flow will be based on the Sun and Moon Salutations with a different theme focused on each week. Build heat, strength, stamina and endurance during this invigorating one hour practice focusing on the arc of the breath. 




Power Flow Yoga

This flow class offers a unique sequence with clear alignment instruction designed to maximize the body’s abilities by opening and lengthening key muscle groups in an order that creates an optimal yoga practice. The sequences are designed to limit injury while improving the expression of each asana. Poses are linked through personalized vinyasas so each class is perfectly tailored to each student’s individual ability and fitness level. Students are guided through a sequence that allows each student to move with their breath in a moving meditation. Each class balances strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. This is an all levels class, but some previous yoga experience is recommended.




Power Vinyasa Yoga

This power class focuses on finding the connection between movement and breath as we flow through practice, and incorporates asana sequences to increase strength, flexibility, and awareness of the body.  This moderately vigorous practice will include classic vinyasa flows and will build on advanced postures, though modifications are offered and students are always encouraged to listen to their body above all else.




Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed to deepen a woman’s connection to herself and her baby, while toning and firming the body in preparation for labor and birth. It provides much needed relaxation and restoration and can help relieve some of the physical discomforts of pregnancy. Moms-to-be also experience a sense of community and support, while celebrating this unique time in their lives.




Restorative Yoga

This class is designed to help you bring balance back into your body. Flow through various postures with the use of props to relax and stretch the muscles, while bringing awareness to your breath and staying grounded in the present moment.
Hands on assistance offered throughout the class but is not required. Invite ease into each moment of your life while feeling comfortable in a safe environment. This practice is the perfect way to end your weekend and prepare your mind, body and soul for the week that lies ahead of you.




Sunday Flow

Sunday Flow is an inviting class that will invigorate you as you prepare for your week ahead. You will flow to popular music with poses geared towards all levels. The poses will be broken down with plenty of instructions, props, modifications, and hands-on assists for proper alignment and ease in poses. Postures are linked using breath to create a meditative and energizing Vinyasa flow. This strong emphasis on conscious breathing helps ground students to remain present. No need to feel intimidated…everyone is welcome!




Morning Flow Yoga

This all-levels vinyasa flow class is designed to wake up your body and perk up your mind to get your energy flowing for the day. Through guided meditation and a creative exploration of Sun Salutations and other asana, we will build internal heat as we connect with the breath, practice presence, and cultivate strength. Class will wind down with more restorative postures, leading to a sweet svasana. Students are ALWAYS encouraged to meet the class at their own level and pace. Regular and consistent participation will leave you feeling stronger, invigorated, rejuvenated, and relaxed on all levels — body, mind, AND spirit! No previous yoga experience is necessary.





Fundamentals of Tai Chi for Balance, Pain Management and Mindfulness

Learn the basics of relaxed, flowing Tai Chi movement and how it can enhance and enrich your everyday life.  Tai Chi and Qigong are traditional Chinese exercises that can help improve physical strength and emotional balance. The movements are slow and focused, accompanied by deep breathing– a kind of “meditation in motion”. For this morning practice, we’ll enjoy gentle stretching routines to loosen up and bring energy into the body; standing meditation to deepen the breathing, relax the mind, and sharpen mental focus; Silk Reeling exercises to relax and strengthen the joints and improve flexibility; and the flowing movements and coordinated breathing of Qigong and Tai Chi, to improve coordination and balance. This class is suitable for all levels and ages.




Twisted Afternoon Core

Take some time to strengthen and work your Powerhouse.  This class will focus on the muscles that make up the supportive “corset” of the trunk: abdominals, back extensors, the muscles around the hips, and the glutes.  Through a mix of Pilates, Yoga, and traditional core strength training (and some fun props from time to time!), you will leave with a better awareness of how to effectively activate the different core muscles and the strength to maintain proper posture and alignment throughout the day. No previous experience is necessary.




Twisted Afternoon Yoga

This all-levels class will help you relieve tension, gently cultivate strength and control, and help you find balance in the body and mind. Although everyone is welcome, this class has been timed to fit in with the busy schedule of our local teachers. This practice will include a flow through seated, standing and supine postures, using the breath to guide and ground you. No previous yoga experience is necessary.




Twisted Lunch Yoga

This 45 minute class will be a combination of energizing movements and deep stretches, and is designed to give you a peaceful break from your workday, connect you to your breath, and provide physical relief from sitting at a desk during the day. No previous yoga experience is necessary.




Twisted Fifty+ Yoga

This class is designed with healthy aging in mind. Research shows that the one’s ability to remain independent as we grow older (and wiser) is enhanced by good balance, strength, and flexibility. With each practice, we’ll start gently, building up to peak poses with balance and strength, and wind back down with gentle stretches and mindful rest. Modifications and variations are offered to make the practice accessible to all. Remember, with a solid yoga practice, you’re not over the hill, you’re standing strong and steady at your peak, no matter what age.




Yoga Barre Fusion

An enthusiastic practice rooted in the core modalities of yoga, ballet and pilates. This class will focus on improving core stability, strength and balance with the use of hand weights, chairs and yoga props. No previous experience is necessary.




Yoga Pilates Fusion

Yoga Pilates Fusion (Yogalates) is a type of exercise inspired from yoga and Pilates, as its name suggests. It is said to harness the physical and mental benefits of both practices. Think…East meets West in this fusion style class. It is the perfect class if you’re looking forward to improving your core and work on postural strength, stability and balance. No previous experience is necessary.




Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is an all-levels yoga class incorporating light hand weights for increased strength benefits. Participants are encouraged to meet the class at their own pace. At any point, the class can be enjoyed without hand weights. We will strengthen the entire body and mind through this unique class format. This class is ideal if you want to change up your yoga practice with a greater focus on strength.





A workout in disguise, Zumba is a fun dance fitness program inspired by Latin music and other world rhythms. Zumba combines low and high-intensity moves to achieve cardiovascular exercise, muscle toning, balance, flexibility, a greater sense of self and fun! The program is open to all fitness levels and no equipment needed.




KIDS: Beginning Yoga & Mindfulness for Kids Session

Children will learn about the five components of the Little Flower Yoga Program. They will learn how to: Connect (activities that will connect to yourself, community and world); Breathe (activities to control breath safely); Move (learning yoga postures – focus on exploration not competition); Focus (activities which allow participants to experiment with what it means to focus & “be in the moment”); Relax (the final component of the program which will promote resting the body and mind). Designed for ages 4-10. Limited to 8 students per session, with a minimum of 4!






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